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Table 1 Measurement of participants’ learning satisfaction

From: Impact of blended learning on learning outcomes in the public healthcare education course: a review of flipped classroom with team-based learning

1 Do you consider the course contents easy to understand?
2 Do you consider the course contents beneficial?
3 Do you consider the course contents interesting?
4 Do you actively participate in class?
5 Do the course lectures proceed systematically as planned?
6 Do you consider the teaching–learning method of the subject matter satisfactory?
7 Do you consider the material used in the course satisfactory?
8 Do you consider the course’s evaluation method appropriate?
9 Do you consider your educational environment (classroom) appropriate?
10 Do you consider your learning environment (outside the classroom) appropriate?
11 Do you consider the implementation of self-directed learning appropriate?
12 Do you consider the equipment required for learning appropriate?
13 Are you satisfied with the details of the course?