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Table 1 “Usual” Hospital Care vs. Collaborative Care

From: Ready to collaborate?: medical learner experiences in interprofessional collaborative practice settings

“Usual” Hospital CareCollaborative Care
Separate professional workflowsEach profession’s schedule is aligned to promote interprofessional collaboration throughout the day
Physician-led / centered roundsPatient / family-partnered rounds with interprofessional teama
Daily care plan not necessarily transparent / accessibleDaily care plan developed /documented in patients’ rooms on a white board
No dedicated time to reflect on performanceDaily team reflection sessions
Interprofessional component “added on” to workflowInterprofessionalism supports workflow
  1. a Dialogue at the bedside follows a semi-scripted, yet dynamic process. Each discussion starts with introductions, followed by a review of overnight events and then a problem-based discussion; finally, a safety checklist is reviewed, and the care plan is reinforced at the conclusion. Throughout each discussion, all team members, including patients and families, are encouraged to contribute, and plans emerge that are truly patient-partnered. Care plans are documented on a structured dry erase board in the patient’s room