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Table 2 Student feedback on the course

From: Introducing career skills for dental students as an undergraduate course at the University of Szeged, Hungary

1. Guidance on how to create a professionally written CV will help me get the job I want.4.85.366CV/P/M
2. The assessment of my personal character traits, strengths and weaknesses helped me to clarify what career fits me best.4.13.767PERS
3. I found it uncomfortable or embarrassing to explore my personal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.1.77.959PERS*
4. Learning about what jobs I can have and what they mean in terms of career made me more confident about looking for a job.4.46.600TECH
5. Individualized career advice received in this course did help me plan my career.4.62.747TECH
6. Guidance on how to assess a potential employer/position helped me create short and long-term goals.4.41.751TECH
7. Studying sample CVs helped me create a CV that accurately reflects the skills I can bring to a job.4.64.668CV/P/M
8. The evaluation of a professionally made portfolio sample gave me a clear idea of how to develop my own professional portfolio.4.49.601CV/P/M
9. Guidance on how to assess a potential employer/position did not me create short and long-term goals.1.31.569TECH*
10. The feedback I received following the simulated interview allowed me to identify areas that need improvement before an actual interview.4.031.197PERS
11. The interaction, suggestions and feedback received during the group discussion helped me improve my own CV.4.49.644PERS
12. The feedback I received on my motivation letter gave me clear guidance on how to improve it.4.62.544CV/P/M
13. The feedback I received on the materials I created in this course made me more confident about applying for an actual job.4.69.521CV/P/M
14. I think that the Job Fair has been a useful experience in terms of finding my future workplace.4.64.628JF
15. The Job Fair gave me an increased sense of self-confidence for future job interviews.4.46.720JF
16. I found workplaces at the Job Fair that I can imagine as my first workplace after graduation.3.771.459JF
17. I feel that the personalized/interactive format was a more effective way to learn in this course than a lecture format would have been.4.82.451GEN
18. Overall, this course gave me the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to seek employment after graduation.4.69.731GEN
  1. Legend- Groups of questions: CV/P/M: CV, portfolio, motivation letter; PERS: personality and self-knowledge; TECH: career-related techniques; JF: Job fair; GEN: general impressions. *: negative control question