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Table 1 Course structure

From: Introducing career skills for dental students as an undergraduate course at the University of Szeged, Hungary

Addressed career development substageTopic/ActivityStudy goalAllocated timeCourse phase
CROpportunities as a fresh graduateThe student knows about his or her opportunities as a fresh graduate (including dental work)1 hTP/C
CRCareer options as a dentistThe student knows about his or her opportunities specifically linked to the dental degree1 hTP/C
CRAssessment of personal character traits, strengths and weaknessesThe student has a fundamental career-related concept of himself or herself as a person2 hTP/C
IMPStudy sample CVs to demonstrate main points of CV writingThe student knows the formal and stylistic requirements of a professionally written CV2 hTP/C
SPCoaching in career planning (optional, by appointment)The student has personalized feedback on his or her actual career dilemmas1 h/studentTP/C
IMPPreparation of own CVs (extra-class)The student has a formally and content-wise correct CVNAPP
IMPMotivation letter and professional portfolio samplesThe student knows what (not) to include in a motivation letter and portfolio1 hPP
IMPPreparation of own motivation letter (extra-class)The student has a motivation letterNAPP
IMPEvaluation of CVs in group, suggestions, correctionsThe student can critically analyze a CV and use this knowledge to enhance his or her own CV1 hPP
IMPEvaluation of motivation letter in group, suggestions, correctionsThe student can critically analyze motivation letter and use this knowledge to enhance his or her own motivation letter1 hPP
CR/SPMaking career decisionsThe student can identify short- and long-term goals (vs. consequences) and think consciously about a career decision1 hPP
SPEstablishment of short- and long- term goalsThe student can set well-defined career goals and expectations for himself or herself2 hPP
IMPSimulated interview (individual)The student has prepared for a job interview-like situation and tried what it feels like to be interviewed for a job4 hIP
SPAssessment of possible workplaces/jobsThe student knows how to gather information about a potential workplace/position and how to assess that information1 hIP
IMPJob fairThe student meets real employers, has a chance to apply for jobs4 hIP
  1. Legend- TP/C: theoretical preparation/contemplation; PP: practical preparation; TO: task to be completed outside the class IP: implementation practice; CR: crystallization; SP: specification; IMP: implementation (Career development substages from Super’s model, see Methods)