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Table 1 Participants’ demographic characteristics

From: A theory-based study of doctors’ intentions to engage in professional behaviours

Demographic characteristicsn (%)LRMP
 Male162 (51.6%)54.5%
 Female147 (46.8%)45.5%
 Missing5 (1.6%) 
Ethnic group
 White213 (67.8%)52.4%
 BME95 (30.3%)31.8%
 Prefer not to tell/Missing6 (1.9%)15.8%
 UK217 (70.9%)63%
 Non-UK89 (29.1%)37%
 Consultant196 (62.4%)31.6%
 Trainee on an HEE training programme15 (4.8%)21%
 Foundation stage27 (8.6%)
 General practitioner13 (4.1%)23.5%
 Other (e.g., Staff Grade, Associate Specialist, Trust Grade, etc.)63 (20.1%)23.3%
Experience (years)
 < 116 (5.1%)n/a
 1–445 (14.3%)n/a
 5–1028 (8.9%)n/a
 11–2099 (31.5%)n/a
 > 21124 (39.5%)n/a
 Missing2 (0.6%)n/a
  1. Note. LRMP the List of Registered Medical Practitioners,BME Black and Minority Ethnic, PMQ Primary Medical Qualification, UK United Kingdom, HEE Higher Education England