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Table 4 Perceived barriers for PoCUS use

From: Point-of-care ultrasound curriculum for internal medicine residents: what do you desire? A national survey

Limitations for ultrasoundN (%)
Insufficient experts available150 (60,7)
Insufficient supervised practice time142 (57,5)
Insufficient knowledge of PoCUS140 (56,7)
Insufficient practice time126 (51)
Insufficient training available103 (41,7)
No ultrasound machine82 (33,2)
No national guideline from NIVa53 (21,5)
Resistence from other specialties51 (20,6)
Other27 (10,9)
No limitations8 (3,2)
  1. aNIV Nederlandse Internisten Vereniging (Dutch Internal Medicine Federation), PoCUS Point-of-care ultrasound