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Table 2 Competency level achievement and assessment of the selected roles

From: Are we preparing for collaboration, advocacy and leadership? Targeted multi-site analysis of collaborative intrinsic roles implementation in medical undergraduate curricula

  1. The Table shows the competency levels reached after 5 years of study in comparison to the given NKLM standards for sub-competencies: Level 1: knowledge/understanding/basic skills, Level 2: applied knowledge and skills in training, Level 3: competency in practice (3a: supervised, 3b: independent). Sub-competencies are specified in translations. For insight in content of superordinate competencies or sub-ordinate objectives and full-text wording see Additional file 1. Higher consent between the faculties (8–7 of eight faculties) in a column is indicated with darker colour (green = standard or above; yellow = sub-standard or none), consent above average (6–4) in lighter colour, allowing quicker diagnoses. Sum summative assessment; form formative assessment