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Table 1 Example of script concordance test

From: Comparative value of a simulation by gaming and a traditional teaching method to improve clinical reasoning skills necessary to detect patient deterioration: a randomized study in nursing students

If you were thinking of...And then you find that ...this hypothesis becomes … (circle your answer)
1.1Anticipating the drawing of a blood countHis heart rate is 120 beats/ min-2−1012
1.2drawing a capillary blood glucoseHis blood pressure is 80 / 40 mmHg−2−1012
1.3Calling the physicianHe has abdominal pain−2−1012
  1. You are a nurse in the Surgery Department
  2. A 45-year-old patient who has undergone splenectomy 2 days ago calls you because he feels some discomfort. He has a history of hypertension
  3. − 2 Much less likely
  4. - 1 Less likely
  5. 0 Neither more nor less likely
  6. + 1 More likely
  7. + 2 Much more likely