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Table 2 Descriptive statistics for scores on the JSE-S

From: A multi-institutional and cross-sectional study on empathy in Chinese medical students: differences by student cadre or not, future career preference, and father’s education status

ParametersFudan UniverstiyJiaotong UniversityTongji UniversityTotal
Mean ± SD103.59 ± 13.53105.17 ± 12.21105.24 ± 13.67104.66 ± 13.09
Median(50% percentile)105.00106.00106.00106.00
25% percentile96.0097.0096.5097.00
75% percentile113.00114.00114.00114.00
Possible range20–14020–14020–14020–140
Actural range39–13268–13476–13739–137
Cronbach’s α-coefficient   0.82