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Table 1 The academic term, university, and perceived quality of the education received regarding antibiotic therapy

From: Knowledge regarding antibiotic use among students of three medical schools in Medellin, Colombia: a cross-sectional study

Academic termBasic21840.7
Clinical areas15228.4
The university adequately prepares you to…… know when to initiate antibiotic treatment47389.9
… select the antibiotics for each infection42380.4
… understand the basic resistance mechanisms44083.7
… interpret antibiograms29656.5
… find reliable sources of information41278.6
… switch from IV to oral antibiotics28254.0
Evaluation of information received on the subjectNot received326.0
Has experience in research or education regarding antibiotic and/or bacterial resistance29655.0
  1. Basic: Includes students from the first to fifth semesters
  2. Clinical areas: Includes students from the sixth to tenth semesters
  3. Internship: Includes students from the eleventh and twelfth semesters
  4. For confidentiality, the three universities included were coded as U1, U2, and U3
  5. IV: Intravenous