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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: A scoping review of medical education research for residents in radiation oncology

Geographic distributionNo. of publications (%)
North America (USA., Canada)103 (70.5)
Europe (Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Lithuania, UK)23 (15.8)
Oceania (Australia)14 (9.6)
Asia (India, Japan)5 (3.4)
Africa (Nigeria)1 (0.7)
Country (5 or more publications)
 United State of America78 (53.4)
 Canada25 (17.1)
 Australia14 (9.6)
 Denmark5 (3.4)
 France5 (3.4)
 United Kingdom5 (3.4)
Study Methodology
 Quantitative114 (78.1)
 Qualitative22 (15.1)
 Mixed-Method10 (6.8)
  1. Abbreviations: USA United States of America, UK United Kingdom