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Table 6 Standardized factor loading and Cronbach’s alpha for Model D (five-factor and 26-item version)

From: Anatomy Education Environment Measurement Inventory (AEEMI): a cross-validation study in Malaysian medical schools

Factor Item SFL Cronbach’s alpha
Students’ perceptions of anatomy knowledge relevance Q19. Learning anatomy prepared me to be a good doctor. 0.60 0.786
Q46. The anatomy topics prepare me for clinical years. 0.76
Q47. Relevant anatomy topics are reemphasized in clinical years. 0.65
Q48. The anatomy topics are relevant to future profession. 0.75
Q114. My anatomy knowledge helps me to understand other medical subjects. 0.53
Q115. I can apply my anatomical knowledge in clinical years. 0.59
Students’ positive perceptions of anatomy teachers Q54. Teachers are approachable. 0.69 0.927
Q55. Teachers are knowledgeable. 0.72
Q56. Teachers are well prepared. 0.75
Q57. Teachers know how to make sessions interesting. 0.77
Q58. Teachers are enthusiastic to teach. 0.85
Q59. Teachers inspire me to learn more. 0.85
Q60. Teachers speak clearly. 0.77
Q63. Teachers are good role models for learning anatomy. 0.79
Students’ negative perceptions of anatomy teachers Q65. Teachers get irritated when asked questions. 0.86 0.856
Q66. Teachers scold for mistakes. 0.79
Q67. Teachers avoid eye contact. 0.85
Q78. The teachers criticize students when they make errors. 0.59
Students’ perception of anatomy subject mastery Q31. I am confident to answer most of the anatomy questions. 0.64 0.830
Q107. I can explain difficult anatomy concepts to my friends. 0.62
Q108. I am confident to teach anatomy to others. 0.84
Q109. I am confident to answer anatomy questions well. 0.87
Students’ perceptions of anatomy learning resources Q71. Learning facilities are well maintained. 0.57 0.621
Q76. Practical sessions are well organized. 0.59
Q87. Prosected specimens are accessible. 0.50
Q91. Anatomy plastic models are adequate in number. 0.49
  1. SFL standardized factor loading; overall Cronbach’s alpha value = 0.820