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Table 4 Standardized factor loading and Cronbach’s alpha for Model B (six-factor and 20-item version)

From: Anatomy Education Environment Measurement Inventory (AEEMI): a cross-validation study in Malaysian medical schools

Factor Item SFL Cronbach’s alpha
Students’ perceptions of anatomy teachers Q56. Teachers are well prepared. 0.86 0.901
Q58. Teachers are enthusiastic to teach. 0.79
Q55. Teachers are knowledgeable. 0.82
Q54. Teachers are approachable. 0.79
Q63. Teachers are good role model for learning anatomy. 0.70
Students’ perceptions of the importance of anatomy knowledge Q115. I can apply my anatomical knowledge in clinical years. 0.58 0.802
Q114. My anatomy knowledge helps me to understand other medical subjects. 0.52
Q46. The anatomy topics prepare me for clinical years. 0.77
Q48. The anatomy topics are relevant to future profession. 0.75
Q47. Relevant anatomy topics are reemphasized in clinical years. 0.66
Students’ perception of anatomy subject Q100. Learning anatomy is fun. 0.82 0.723
Q99. Anatomy is an interesting subject. 0.85
Q109. I am confident to answer anatomy questions well. 0.42
Students’ perceptions of anatomy learning resources Q87. Prosected specimens are accessible. 0.45 0.554
Q71. Learning facilities are well maintained. 0.61
Q76. Practical sessions are well organized, 0.57
Students’ perception of their efforts to learn anatomy Q21. I use anatomy models/specimens to learn anatomy. 0.39 0.369
Q37. Anatomy examinations help me to identify my weaknesses about anatomy knowledge. 0.59
Students’ perceptions of the quality of histology learning facilities Q93. The quality of the microscopes provided for studying histology slides is poor. 0.62 0.704
Q95. Poor quality of histology slides. 0.87
  1. SFL standardized factor loading; overall Cronbach’s alpha value = 0.817