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Table 2 Institute of Medicine Competency Based Environmental Health Learning Objectives for Medical Students

From: The impact of integrating environmental health into medical school curricula: a survey-based study

IOM Competency Based EH Learning Objectives
1. understand the influence of the environment and environmental agents on human health based on knowledge of relevant epidemiologic, toxicologic, and exposure factors
2. recognize the signs, symptoms, diseases, and sources of exposure relating to common environmental agents and conditions
3. elicit an appropriately detailed environmental exposure history, including a work history, from all patients
4. identify and access the informational, clinical, and other resources available to help address patient and community environmental health problems and concerns
5. discuss environmental risks with their patients and provide understandable information about risk-reduction strategies in ways that exhibit sensitivity to patients’ health beliefs and concerns
6. understand the ethical and legal responsibilities of seeing patients with environmental and occupational health problems or concerns [13] (p.3)