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Table 1 List of the codes

From: Research training program in a Turkish medical school: challenges, barriers and opportunities from the perspectives of the students and faculty members

Reputability of RTP (reputability)
Expectations of students (expectations)
Selection of students (selection)
Relations among students
Course program, content, and educational methods (program)
Students-course lecturer relations
Placement and timing of RTP in the medical curriculum (placement)
Seeking for a mentor (seeking mentor)
Research topic
Application for ethical approval / financial support (ethical approval)
Financial support for the projects (financial support)
University’s research facilities (research facilities)
Student’s motivation
Faculty motivation
Time management
Unachieved project goals (unachieved goals)
Student-mentor relations
Students-commission relations
Mentor-commission relations
RTP commission and decision-making processes (Commission)
Support from the university administration (university support)
Competencies gained (competencies)
Quitting RTP (quitting)
Career choice
Emotions towards RTP (emotions)