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Table 2 Types of task objectives described by participants in the comprehension stage

From: Situational judgment test validity: an exploratory model of the participant response process using cognitive and think-aloud interviews

Task objective type Description Example of task objective identification Example of task objective prediction
Information Exchange Desire to collect information or share information with another individual “You want to finish educating thoroughly” (P07) “You still get the information you need” (S15)
Inconclusive / General Reference to a non-specific task or objective “This one was a little difficult in that I didn’t see an end game” (S04) “Because that never ends well” (S15)
Emotional Improvement Desire to positively impact feelings or avoid provoking negative feelings “I was mostly focusing on how to help the patient best to feel better” (S10) “This can make them more anxious” (S11)
Problem Resolution Desire to identify or contribute to correcting an issue identified in the item “I want to identify what can help solve this issue” (S11) “I think if you do that well, that can really solve the problem” (S05)
Acknowledge Desire to bring awareness to a challenge or issue “They want you to validate their sense of loss” (P01) “They may that you’re just throwing whatever they’ve said under the rug” (P08)
Relationship Modification Desire to change the interaction between two individuals “Let them know that they can trust you” (P03) “That would not establish rapport” (S15)