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Table 1 Standardized scripts for each topic

From: Effectiveness of clinical scenario dramas to teach doctor-patient relationship and communication skills

Background of communication Script conflict Communications model
Fever of unknown origin In the face of medical uncertainty Relationship building and empathy
The fever after visiting a farm The patient’s dilemma: His/her own medical history may affect his/her uncle’s farm Obtaining patient’s psychosomatic history
A gallstone patient whose father died on the operation table How to identify the fear inside the patient Explaining medical problems & Negotiating treatment options
A woman with advanced ovarian cancer expects to attend her daughter’s wedding next year How to deliver bad news Breaking bad news
The professor went out for a meeting without informing the patient, and the resident doctor received the patient Dealing with disappointed and angry patients Coping with demanding patients: CALM model
The patient was diabetic but refused to take medication. The daughter wanted the doctor to order the patient to take medication How can doctor establish a good doctor-patient relationship with an unwilling patient Communicating with family