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Table 2 Genetic variant phenotypes that correlated with cause of death or anatomical findings. Only correlated clinically relevant pathogenic variants are listed here. All pathogenic variants are listed in Table S3. Blank cells indicate that no correlated COD/anatomical findings were identified for the variant. a Student dissection reports for these donors were not available. (Gene names for each variant are found in genetic report (Fig. 2))

From: DNA sequencing of anatomy lab cadavers to provide hands-on precision medicine introduction to medical students

Donor # Genetic variant Phenotypes Correlated COD Correlated anatomical findings
272 rs1136743: Serum amyloid A variant Alzheimer’s dementia Atrophy in medial temporal lobes – Alzheimer’s Disease
275 rs351855: Cancer progression and tumor cell motility Multiple myeloma  
rs3735819: Congenital heart disease   Larger than normal heart (cardiomegaly). Left side dominant and PFO.
280 rs6446482: Diabetes mellitus, noninsulin-dependent, association with Colon cancer  
281 rs3735819: Congenital heart disease Heart pathological findings suggest it may be related to cause of death. Heart was vastly enlarged, and very thick hypertrophied ventricles. Stitches and scars along heart atria suggested surgery and aortic valve replacement. Vertebral artery on the left was abnormally large and the paired artery on the right was small, seemed to disappear around the cervical area
284 rs1566734: Carcinoma of colon Metastatic lung cancer Multiple scars and adhesions within the abdomen indicate multiple surgeries, this could be indicative of resections of tumors that eventually metastasized to the lungs as the total blood volume of the body must enter the lungs.
286 rs3735819: Congenital heart disease Cardiogenic shock, cardiac arrest • Sutures on aortic arch in two places—saphenous vein graft ×2?
• Large heart, tearing of muscle fibers seen on outside
• Position of grafts indicate ischemia of Rt ventricle
• Heart 75% larger than normal
• Pt does not have rt. auricle
• Circumflex branches at root of aorta
• Cusps for both aortic and pulmonary trunks arranged backwards
293 No variants with correlated COD or anatomic findings   
298a rs10509305: Preeclampsia/eclampsia 4 Ovarian cancer  
303a No variants with correlated COD or anatomical findings   
306 No variants with correlated COD/findings   
311 rs3735819: Congenital heart disease Cardiac arrest secondary to CAD Our cadaver’s cause of death was vascular related, so the IVC clamp, which was initially placed to prevent clots, supports vascular etiology of her death.
312 rs351855: Cancer progression and tumor cell motility Squamous cell lung cancer