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Table 1 Donor information for cadaver (donor) samples. Information provided by Virginia State Anatomical Program for the fourteen cadavers used in this study. Blood samples were collected from twelve of the samples. Tissue samples were collected from donor #292 to determine if sufficient DNA could be isolated from embalmed tissue, and from donor #250 for a more detailed case study of pancreatic cancer

From: DNA sequencing of anatomy lab cadavers to provide hands-on precision medicine introduction to medical students

Donor # Sample Cause of Death (COD) Other health information
272 Blood Alzheimer’s dementia  
275 Blood Multiple myeloma  
280 Blood Colon cancer  
281 Blood Alzheimer’s dementia  
284 Blood Metastatic lung cancer  
286 Blood Cardiogenic shock, cardiac arrest Severe ischemic cardiomyopathy, CAD, acute hypoxic respiratory failure
293 Blood CVA with late effect  
298 Blood Ovarian cancer  
303 Blood Aspiration pneumonia with hypoxia Erosive esophagitis/GERD
306 Blood Acute CVA  
311 Blood Cardiac arrest secondary to CAD AFIB, Vascular dementia, H/O stroke, Seizure disorder
312 Blood Metastatic squamous cell lung cancer  
250 Tissue Metastatic pancreatic cancer  
292 Tissue Aspiration pneumonia AFIB, CHF, Dementia, Dysphagia