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Table 4 Qualities of effective teachers (adapted from Rose & Best, 2005) [31]

From: Introduction to the Peer Teacher Training in health professional education supplement series

Quality Characteristic
Organisation and clarity Explains clearly
Presents material in an organised way
Summarises and emphasises what is important
Communicates what is expected to be learnt
Group instruction skills Establishes rapport with students
Shows respect for and interest in students
Enthusiasm Is dynamic and energetic
Enjoys teaching
Stimulates interest/curiosity in the subject
Knowledge Is up-to-date with current practice and related research
Discusses divergent points of view
Clinical supervision Demonstrates clinical procedures
Provides practice opportunities
Offers professional support and encouragement
Observes student performance
Identifies strengths and limitations objectively
Provides feedback and positive reinforcement
Clinical competence Demonstrates skill in synthesising and managing patient problems
Maintains a holistic orientation with patients
Works effectively within a healthcare team