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Table 3 Representative selection of key themes from the open-ended questionnaire responses

From: Adaptive tutorials versus web-based resources in radiology: a mixed methods analysis in junior doctors of efficacy and engagement

Educational Resource Response Key Themes Addresseda
Adaptive Tutorials “It was very efficient way to learn, it was fast but really made sense and increased my understanding of the topic. It also made it enjoyable, less of a task to be done and something that actually felt satisfying to complete and useful. I have already found myself more confident assessing head imaging I order as a result. I liked the way it [uses] simple language to describe what I’m seeing and what I need to look for. I also liked the way it walked us through a clinical case rather than just talking about it in abstract.” IAE, FEE
“Interactive and efficient learning time! I particularly liked the “drop and drag” tools and colour coding anatomy.” IAE, CCR
“More options to spend longer on weaker areas - links for further reading/learning.” MIC
“It is difficult to assess the imaging solely based on a static picture. It would be easier if you could scroll as you normally do to better assess the anatomy and abnormalities.” SUS
“Huge amount of well written information. Need to be committed to reading such a large amount though. Some explanations and flow provided better instruction for differentiation and what to expect on imaging than the adaptive tutorial.” COM, SIE
“Systematic approach with good overview and great example images.” COM, STL
“Diversity of topics, self-guided, fast access when you are just hoping to look up one particular thing.” COM, ACC
“Hard to follow, not interesting or engaging. The way the images do not directly follow or relate to the text makes it hard to see what I’m supposed to be seeing.” SIE, INL
“Too much information sometimes needs more guidance in the example images - e.g. point out/highlight the abnormality.” SCC, SST
  1. aIAE Interactive and engaging, FEE Feedback, CCR Conciseness and clinical relevance, MIC More information and / or cases, SUS Suboptimal user interface and structure, COM Comprehensiveness, SIE Suboptimal interactivity and engagement, STL Structured learning, ACC Accessibility, INL Images not labelled, SCC Suboptimal conciseness or clinical relevance, SST Suboptimal structure