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Table 1 Parameters followed in layering techniques and direct composite resin restorations

From: Step-by-step teaching method: improving learning outcomes of undergraduate dental students in layering techniques for direct composite resin restorations

Parameter Grades
3 points 1.5 points 0 points
part 1 Optimal palatal anatomic morphology Moderately palatal anatomic morphology No palatal anatomic morphology
part 2 Optimal resettability and clear edge Moderately resettability but a few bubbles that do not affect the use Unable to reset or a lot of bubbles that need to be remodeled
part 3 Optimal clear layer and mamelon Optimal clear layer or mamelon No clear layer or mamelon
part 4 Optimal labial surface anatomic morphology Moderately labial surface anatomic morphology No labial surface anatomic morphology
part 5 Optimal degree of finish Moderately degree of finish Poor degree of finish or the presence of overhang