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Table 1 Details for students activities during a semester, divided by in or out of class activities, according to their implementation order

From: Assessment of the effect of application of an educational wiki in flipped classroom on students’ achievement and satisfaction

  Order Type of activity Description Duration
Online (out-of class) activities 1 Self-regulated learning Downloading and listening to the e- contents, whenever and wherever students liked (flexible asynchronous e-learning) Variable according to students’ interest and need
2 Group discussion in a forum Raising questions in the forum and discussion with each other (peer-assisted learning)
in-class activities (at flipped classrooms) 3 Quiz at the beginning of the class Discovering any possible misunderstandings of the content (formative assessment) 10 min
4 Summary sharing by students Sharing a brief one-page summary of the e-content of that session with other groups (collaborative learning) 10 min
5 Student presentations A 15-min presentation by one group (Peer education) 15-min
6 QA & Group discussion Questions and answers from students and facilitation by the teacher 35 min
7 Micro lecture by the teacher Summarizing and closing the session 10 min
8 Quiz at the end of the class Summative evaluation 10 min