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Table 3 Program expectations as reported by mentees “self-assessment survey”

From: Championing women working in health across regional and rural Australia – a new dual-mentorship model

Expectation of the Program, N = 7 Mentees who felt this expectation was met (%)
To gain increased confidence 71
To have dedicated time to reflect on my career 71
To be linked up to people who are further in their career for mentorship 57
To have considered with the support of Program facilitator a 5–10 year career plan 57
To decide the next career step and why 57
To gain a more strategic approach to career development and change direction if needed 57
To have a clearer understanding of where I want to go next 43
To be able to promote myself and my work 43
To develop relationships with those who have blazed the path before me 43
To have a toolkit to develop my leadership skills 29