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Table 1 Self-efficacy questionnaire

From: Stress, anxiety, self-efficacy, and the meanings that physical therapy students attribute to their experience with an objective structured clinical examination

I feel confident in my ability to…
1 … treat the patient with kindness and attention
2 … establish a calm and empathic connection with the patient
3 … communicate with simple and accessible language
4 … organize the interview and procedures based on the interests of the patient
5 … investigate the patient’s functional complaints and their circumstances
6 … simulate functional tasks and observe the patient’s performance
7 … decide what to assess first in the physical exam, based on the interview and the clinical status
8 … write results of my assessment in a form
9 … organize written information according to the ICF’s levels of Body functions & structures, Activities and Participation
10 … organize written information according to the ICF’s levels of Personal and Environmental Factors
11 … define therapeutic objectives without confusing them with treatment procedures
12 … negotiate therapeutic objectives with the patient
13 … assess the coherence between therapeutic objectives and treatment procedures
14 … assess the coherence between treatment procedures and examination results
15 … encourage the patient to participate in the definition of the treatment plan
16 … select appropriate procedures to train and improve task performance