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Table 1 List and description of review inclusion criteria

From: Managing residents in difficulty within CBME residency educational systems: a scoping review

  Inclusion criteria Description
1 Must be about postgraduate medical education Includes any specialty / program area
2 Must be about residents in difficulty Includes discussion on remediation and Board of Examiners (BOE)a cases (e.g. definitions and descriptions to guide the identification of residents in difficulty; discussions on remedial support or BOE remediation; discussions of documentation needed to verify resident needs and program processes for BOE)
3 Must offer information to inform structure and/or processes of competence (including competency-based education) Structure includes guidelines, program design, promotion and progress;
Processes include features of competence (e.g. the CanMEDS Roles that are involved)
  1. aThe Board of Examiners for postgraduate medicine (BOE-PG) is a University-level committee of faculty and residents appointed to adjudicate on the educational programming and/or future registration status for residents identified by residency programs due to a pattern of underperformance, failing performance or serious behaviours. Following a structured process of reviewing of the situation and opportunity for resident consultation and response, the BOE determine the best course(s) of action such as remediation, remediation with probation, probation or suspension and dismissal