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Table 3 Examples quotes in each phase differentiated by successful and unsuccessful students

From: Self-regulated learning microanalysis for the study of the performance of clinical examinations by physiotherapy students

FORETHOUGHT PHASE: Do you have any particular plans for how to take data about the joint grades? 1) Patient interaction/care 020. First I place the stretcher at a comfortable height, I ask the patient to get into the most comfortable position and explain what he has to do. He should be comfortable”. 013. “I have to tell the patient what I am going to do, put him in a good position and perform the task.”
2) Technique 017.”I think I have a plan ... I put the goniometer first. I would ask him to raise his arm and measure it. “ 011. “Yes, I follow the bony regions and how is the movement to apply the tool”.
3) Patient care/ technique 015.”Yes, I have a plan. First, I place the patient in a supine position, to be comfortable and I adjust the stretcher. Then, I put the axis of the goniometer on the lateral side of the humerus, the fixed arm parallel to the midline of the humerus.. And I measure it” 003. “First, I prepared the patient, and then I allocate correctly the goniometer”
4) Any plan 030. “I have no plan right now” 021.”I am not thinking about a plan right now”
5) Do not know No examples No examples
PERFORMANCE PHASE: Do you think you have performed a flawless process thus far or have you made any mistake? Tell me about them. 1) Not aware of any mistake 006: “I made mistakes, I think ... I have to put the goniometer in this way… I am not considering the alignment of the goniometer...” 009. “No, it is correct”
2) Procedural mistake 026: “I think I am making mistakes in my posture ... maybe my leg on the stretcher.” No examples
3) Non-procedural mistake 030. “I thin it is correct” No examples
4) Do not know 012. “I am not sure…I do not know” 07:“I do not know if I have made any mistakes...”
SELF-EVALUATION PHASE: What criteria did you use to determine your satisfaction? 1) Lectures 026: “what I remember from lectures…I should put it in the right way and if it should go in the arm or move or not...” 009. “The knowledge learned in lectures”
2) Practical lessons 030. “The concept learned in the practical lessons and practical exams” No examples
3) Lectures/ practical lessons 020. “In what I have learned in lectures and practical lessons during the year” 013. “Beacuse I have learnt how to do it in lectures and practical lessons”
4) Other factors 016. “First of all, I were insecure with the goniometer and then I realised my mistakes..” 007. “I observed my performance and I realised my mistakes”
5) Do not know 015. “I do not know exactly..” 021. “I do not know….I do not remember…”