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Table 2 Codes, sub-themes, and themes extracted from the FG

From: Exploring the features of mobile phone application of anatomy in basic medical sciences: a qualitative study

Codes Sub-themes Final theme
Being three-dimensional (3D)
Containing real and appropriate images
Having sufficient and appropriate graphics
Having an appropriate visual design
Having animation
Appropriate visual design Visual richness
Having educational clips Educational clip
Being based on a credible sources
Compatibility with accredited curricula and syllabi
Accredited curriculum Scientific comprehensiveness
Offering important contents such as diseases and their complications
Containing features and details
Being classified on the basis of regions and systems
Showing functions
Having comprehensive and reliable source
Comprehensive content
Not having disturbing sound
Having a loud enough sound
Offering the pronunciations of words
Optional audio feature Auditory richness
Having a low price
Having a reasonable price
Requiring low payment for subscription
Economical Affordability
Having a reasonable file size
Not being time-consuming
Being easy to work with
Not having unnecessary content
Providing written explanations
Appropriate content
Having a note-taking feature and allowing to save certain items Customization
Containing tests for different levels Relevant tests Self-assessment
Having a zoom option
Separating important parts and being responsive
Having a search option and being interactive
Interactive instructional design Interactive content
Supporting the user in understanding the course content
No support is required
Support and help option User support