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Table 2 Methodological quality of the included studies

From: A meta-analysis of students’ readiness assurance test performance with team-based learning

Study Selection Comparability Outcomes Total score Quality of studies
Cheng et al. (2014) [15] 6 Good
Farland et al. (2018) 6 Fair
Goolsarran et al. (2018) [16]   4 Fair
Hemmati Maslakpak et al. (2015) 7 Good
Huang et al. (2016) 6 Good
Lochner et al. (2018) 5 Fair
Luetmer et al. (2018) [17]   6 Fair
Nishigawa et al. (2017) 6 Fair
Park et al. (2015) [18] 5 Fair
Park et al. (2018) 7 Good
  1. According to Newcastle – Ottawa quality assessment scale for cohort and case control studies, each study can be awarded a maximum of one star for each item within the “Selection” and “Outcome” categories, and two stars in maximum for “Comparability”