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Table 2 Recommendations for Educators and Departments

From: The development of clinical thinking in trainee physicians: the educator perspective

  •Be prepared for induction period to be labour intensive
  •Be accessible and make sure trainees know how to contact you each day
  •Display fallibility
  •Exploit opportunities to work side by side with trainee
  •Verbalise thought processes
  •Tailor trainee experience throughout a placement
  •Be aware of trainees’ development through informal assessment of progress
  •Offer structured and ongoing induction
  •Organise rotas so that the same staff work together and get to know the trainee
  •Place consultant educators’ offices close to one another
  •Prioritise education - all staff have a responsibility for education, with trainees discussed regularly and informally
  •Have a flat hierarchy
  •Regularly discuss at departmental meetings trainees’ progress and identify those in difficulty