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Table 3 Key subthemes that emerged from rural undergraduate medical students (n = 62) regarding their perceptions of the barriers to undertaking a rural internship

From: Medical students on long-term rural clinical placements and their perceptions of urban and rural internships: a qualitative study

 Barriers to undertaking a rural internship
Lack of knowledge of rural training▪ Limited information provided by the medical school, rural clinical school and local hospitals about rural internships
Internship training▪ Limited exposure to rarer or higher acuity presentations
▪ Limited research opportunities, particularly lab-based research
Personal factors▪ Relocation
▪ Loss of existing family & friend support networks
▪ Fear of the unknown
Future considerations▪ Limited rural training pipeline
▪ Fear of missing out on the networking opportunities available in urban; this would disadvantage them when applying for specialty training