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Table 3 Themes and categories from the analysis with illustrating examples

From: How group coaching contributes to organisational understanding among newly graduated doctors

The hidden curriculumHow things work here“You feel kind of stupid, when you do not know how things work here” [Louise]
What is said and what is actually meant“We do not have assigned seats” (but do not choose the black chair)” [Julie]
Inter-professional communication, conflicts and relationsWhat other staff do“Actually, I do not know what other staff do” [Peter]
How to ask for help and feedback“I felt alone” [Jane]
How to ask questions on others’ perspectives“It was helpful to ask questions to get to know the other party’s perspective” [Susanne]
Emerging leadershipDelegation“I do not know what I can delegate and to whom” [Lone]
Prescription and asking other staff to comply with orders“It was difficult to make prescriptions in a proper way” [Trine]
Take the lead in patient care“What can I decide – and what should I leave to others to decide?” [Hanne]
How to influence own working conditionsI now carefully consider: “Are there too many tasks or are the tasks too difficult” [Laura]