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Table 2 Baseline characteristics of participants

From: A feasibility study of an exercise intervention to educate and promote health and well-being among medical students: the ‘MED-WELL’ programme

Baseline CharacteristicResults
AgeMean 25 years; Range 21–41 years
Gender16 (22%) male56 (78%) female
Medical School Year28 (39%) Year 144 (61%) Year 2
Smoking68 (94%) non-smoker; 1 (1%) smoker; 3 (4%) ex-smoker
Do you have any medical conditions that prohibit your plan to exercise?1 (1%) Yes71 (99%) No
Do you have easy access to exercise resources (gym/teams/pitches)?67 (93%) Yes5 (7%) No
Are you a member of any clubs, societies or teams involved in sport/exercise?40 (56%) Yes32 (44%) No
Do you use any tracking devices to examine your levels of physical activity or sleep?31 (43%) Yes41 (57%) No
Has your level of exercise reduced since starting medical school?42 (58%) Yes30 (42%) No
Do you have any prior knowledge about the use of ‘Exercise as Medicine’ for patients with chronic illnesses?33 (46%) Yes39 (54%) No