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Table 1 Six-Week ‘MED-WELL’ programme schedule

From: A feasibility study of an exercise intervention to educate and promote health and well-being among medical students: the ‘MED-WELL’ programme

Exercise CurriculumEducational CurriculumEducator
Week 1: Sports YogaExercise as Medicine: PA for student wellness and patient use for exercise as a treatmentAcademic General practitioner
Week 2: High Intensity Interval TrainingPractical Applications: Prescribing PA for patients with chronic diseases: Case study of DiabetesAcademic General practitioner
Week 3: Body PumpPA importance, regular health enhancing Dose Response Curve; Understanding people and PA stages of change (SOC-PA)Academic in PA and health
Week 4: PilatesWhy not exercise? Overcoming resistanceAcademic General practitioner
Week 5: Pilates - Respiratory FocusStaying motivated for exerciseAcademic Pharmacist
Week 6: Sports Yoga using drum-beatBehavior Change: Relating behavior change wheel to PA promotion in practiceResearch fellow