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Table 5 Recommendations for improving adverse drug reactions (ADRs) reporting

From: Impact of an educational intervention on pharmacovigilance knowledge and attitudes among health professionals in a Nepal cancer hospital

Recommendations for improving ADRs reporting Frequency (n) Percentage (%)
Frequent pharmacovigilance awareness via continuing medical education (CME) / workshop 21 23.6
Frequent SMS / Email about ADR reporting / Provide toll-free number 3 3.4
Make online reporting of ADRs through software 2 2.2
Keep ADR register in all the wards and Out-patients Department (OPD) 32 36.0
Include ADR forms along with case sheet 11 12.4
Make ADR reporting mandatory 1 1.1
Include ADR column in a medical case sheet 2 2.2
Develop mobile apps for ADR reporting 2 2.2
Discuss ADR cases every month during PV meeting 1 1.1
Make a standardized protocol for reporting ADR 9 10.1
Include ADR reporting in the resident logbook 5 5.6
Total 89 100.0