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Table 2 Practice related statements regarding pharmacovigilance without any educational intervention

From: Impact of an educational intervention on pharmacovigilance knowledge and attitudes among health professionals in a Nepal cancer hospital

Practice questions Yes (n, %)
Experienced ADR in a patient during the profession 47 (52.8)
Seen ADR reporting form 30 (33.7)
Reported ADR to PV center 11 (12.45)
Trained on how to report ADR 20 (22.5)
PV committee in the Institute 35 (39.3)
Keeping records of ADR 56 (62.9)
Visited any ADR Monitoring Center 19 (21.3)
Will report ADR if occurs in future 70 (78.7)
Read an article on prevention of ADR 38 (42.7)