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Table 3 Unpaired t-tests of ATHSSs with and without MCE

From: Medical career expectations of academically talented high school students: a nationwide cross-sectional study in China

 Without MCE (n = 13,089)With MCE (n = 3390)DiftpCohen’s d
Father’s years of schooling13.813.7213.253.790.567.770.000.15
Mother’s years of schooling13.183.8612.533.940.658.760.000.17
Father’s ISEI47.0321.1043.1520.893.889.550.000.18
Mother’s ISEI42.9020.4039.8120.073.097.880.000.15
High-income family0.130.330.
Middle-income family0.610.490.610.490.010.590.280.01
Score for Chinese51.4628.6847.5928.663.887.000.000.13
Score for mathematics50.7229.0550.3727.500.350.630.260.01
Score for English51.6428.6347.8028.593.846.840.000.13
Score for liberal artsa50.4723.1741.9822.868.506.500.000.37
Score for sciencea51.6722.8746.4422.205.2311.010.000.23
  1. SD standard deviation, Dif difference between two groups, ISEI the International Socio-Economic Index
  2. aAmong the ATHSSs without MCE, 4014 took the liberal arts test, and 9075 took the science test; among the ATHSSs with MCE, 340 took the liberal arts test, and 3050 took the science test