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Table 1 Attribute groups used in this study of professionalism among ophthalmologists

From: Medical professionalism in ophthalmology: design and testing of a scenario based survey

GroupAttributesAttribute question number
1-Personal characteristicsHonesty and integrity; Reliability and dependability; Reflective practice3,4,6,9,17,22,24,27,33
2-Doctors-patient relationshipsRespect for Patient autonomy, confidentiality and privacy; Showing compassion; treating patients fairly without prejudice1,5,7,15,18,19,31
3-Workplace practices and relationshipsBeing responsible for commissions and omissions; Being accountable for one’s own actions; Working in teams2,8,10,11,12,13,14 16,20,23,25,26,29,35
4-Socially responsible behaviorsLaw-abiding behaviour; Avoidance of substance and alcohol abuse; Making effective use of the available resources32
5- personal well-being of doctorLooking after own health and well-being; Being mindful of personal appearance30
  1. Missing: 21, 28