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Table 2 Survey responses from students who attended lectures weekly or sometimes

From: No apparent association between lecture attendance or accessing lecture recordings and academic outcomes in a medical laboratory science course

Why did you choose to attend lectures? n = 50, rp = 50
I think I learn more by attending 40 (80%)
It allows for interaction with course staff and/or students 35 (70%)
I am concerned that recordings may not be complete or the technology for recording may fail 30 (60%)
To catch up with my friends 16 (32%)
It is good to be seen to be attending 14 (28%)
I like to see the lecturer’s gestures and expressions 14 (28%)
I think my results will be better if I attend 13 (26%)
Why did you access the recordings as well as attending the lectures? n = 43, rp = 43
Clarify difficult concepts 37 (86%)
Revise lecture concepts for assessment purposes 35 (81%)
Catch up on lectures I missed 34 (79%)
Reinforce and revise concepts on a regular basis 22 (51%)
I find it hard to concentrate in the lecture theatre 13 (30%)
  1. n is the number of students in this group, rp is the number of responders in the group