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Table 2 Basal characteristics of participants of regular and intervention FD modules (n = 28 in each group)

From: Sustained effects of faculty leadership development modules for clinical instructors of core competences education in Taiwan: a four-year explanatory case study

 regular FD module participantsintervention FD module participants
Age, years, mean (SD)43.8 (5.9)46.3(8.6)
Male, (%)67%64%
Junior academician (lecturer/assistant professor, overall, %)34/33/67%36/27/63%
Senior academician (associate/full professor, overall, %)26/7/33%30/6/37%
Teaching-award winner within 3 years before training (%)29%33%
Specialty of new trained instructors (%)
 Internal medicine/Surgery/Gynecology/Pediatrics/Emergency medicine/
others (Neurology, Psychiatrics, Rehabilitation, Family Medicine, etc) (%)
 Prior participation in training of clinical teaching or assessment52%48%
 Junior attending physician (%)64%70%
 Senior attending physician (%)35%30%
  1. Annual teaching-award for teaching performance of teachers are online selected by learners to receive the award; junior or senior attending physician indicated teacher with less than or more than 15 years of being as attending physician