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Table 3 NBT benchmarks set in 2015 for degree purposes [14]

From: Predictive validity of the National Benchmark Test and National Senior Certificate for the academic success of first-year medical students at one South African university

NBT levelDomain [percentage range]Recommended programmes
ProficientNBT MAT [69–100]
NBT AL [68–100]
NBT QL [70–100]
Performance suggests that academic performance will not be adversely affected in cognate domains. If admitted, students should be placed in regular programmes of study.
Intermediate upperNBT MAT [52–68]
NBT AL [54–67]
NBT QL [55–69]
Students are likely to need complementary support (additional tutorials, workshops, augmented courses, language intensive work).
Intermediate lowerNBT MAT [35–51]
NBT AL [40–53]
NBT QL [40–54]
Students need to be placed in an extended programme.
BasicNBT MAT [0–34]
NBT AL [0–39]
NBT QL [0–39]
Test performance reveals serious learning challenges: it is predicted that students will not cope with degree-level study without extensive and long-term support. Institutions admitting students performing at this level would need to provide such support themselves.