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Table 1 Comparison of items in part A and B

From: Adaptation and validation of the Berlin questionnaire of competence in evidence-based dentistry for dental students: a pilot study

 Original items of the Berlin-TestAdapted items
A1emergency roomemergency service
lower abdomenlower jaw
appendicitisinflammation of the salivary duct
A2appendicitisinflammation of the salivary duct
A3appendicitisinflammation of the salivary duct
A4lipid reducersmedication
heart attacksalivary gland tumour (mucoepidermoid tumour)
A5no change 
A8slimming pillsantibacterial mouth rinsing solution
cardiovascular mortalitybacterial endocarditis
overweight patientsrisk patients
lactose pill (placebo)mouth rinse (placebo)
A9slimming pillsantibacterial mouth rinsing solution
cardiovascular deathendocarditis death
A10internistmedical specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery
carotid arteryfacial artery
stenosis of the carotid arterystenosis of the facial artery
A11lipid reducers after myocardial infarctionmedication after cancer of mouth base
adjusted hypertension (RR: 155/98 mmHg) and obesitynormal oral hygiene and tobacco use
deathly infarctiondeathly outcome
heart attackcancer of mouth base/ death
A12gastro-enterological policlinicoral surgery polyclinic
colon cancersquamous cell carcinoma
gynaecologistoral- and maxillofacial surgeon
breast cancercancer
gynaecological ambulanceoral- and maxillofacial ambulance
A14leg vein thrombosisvein thrombosis
You would like to know …You would like to know for reasons of personal interest …
A15no change