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Table 3 Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) for interrater and intrarater reliability

From: Codebook for rating clinical communication skills based on the Calgary-Cambridge Guide

ItemInterrater reliability
N = 83
Intrarater reliability
N = 20
ICC95% ClICC95% Cl
1Identifies problems the patient wishes to address0.740.60–0.830.55−0.14-0.82
2Clarifies the patient’s prior knowledge and desire for information0.680.48–0.800.35−0.64-0.72
3Uses easily understood language, avoids jargon0.550.31–0.710.750.39–0.90
4Uses appropriated non-verbal behaviour0.710.55–0.810.750.38–0.90
5Provides support: expresses concern and willingness to help0.590.11–0.780.780.45–0.91
6Structures the interview in logical sequence0.560.33–0.720.39−0.54-0.75
7Attends to time keeping, and keeps the interview on track0.29−0.11-0.540.760.39–0.90
8Shares thoughts and reflections with the patient0.510.23–0.690.43−0.4-0.77
9Checks the patient’s understanding0.15−0.32-0.450.760.40–0.91
10Negotiates a mutual plan of action0.740.60–0.830.780.43–0.91
11Contracts with the patient about the next steps0.880.80–0.930.910.76–0.96
12Summarizes the session briefly and clarifies the plan of care0.650.46–0.770.430.44–0.77
 Overall score0.740.52–0.850.860.65–0.94