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Table 1 Critical assessment of SGM curricular learning interventions for students of health professions

From: Implementation of sexual and gender minority health curricula in health care professional schools: a qualitative study

InstitutionIncluded comparison group?Use of validated scale?Level of interventionInclusion and exclusion (and unique considerations)
Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University [6]NoNoIndividualIncluded
Boston University School of Medicine [7,8,9,10]No [7,8,9,10]No [7,8,9,10]IndividualIncluded
Case Western University School of Medicine [11, 12]No [11, 12]No [11, 12]IndividualIncluded
Columbia University [13, 14]No [13, 14]No [13, 14]Individual[13]Excluded: Results not reported
[14]Included: One of few longitudinal designs; 90-day follow up showed return to baseline scores
Hunter College of the City University of New York [15]YesYesIndividualIncluded
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine [16]NoNoIndividualIncluded
May Medical School, Rochester, MN [17]NoNoIndividualIncluded: One of few longitudinal designs; 30-day follow-up showed retention of knowledge gains posttest
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine [18]NoNoIndividualIncluded
San Diego State University [19]NoNoIndividualIncluded
School of Nursing, San Francisco State University [20]NoN/AN/AExcluded: Focus is on practitioners, not student learning
University of Bristol (United Kingdom) [21]NoNoIndividualIncluded
University of California Davis School of Medicine [22]NoN/ASystemsIncluded
University of California San Diego School of Medicine [23]NoNoIndividualIncluded
University of California, San Francisco [24]NoN/AIndividualExcluded: No formal assessment conducted
University of California, San Francisco [25,26,27]No [25,26,27]No [25,26,27]Individual [25, 26]Included
Individual [27]
University of Connecticut School of Nursing & University of Central Florida College of Nursing [28]NoYesIndividualIncluded
University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Nursing [29]NoNoIndividualExcluded. No formal evaluation conducted.
University of Louisville, Kentucky [30,31,32,33,34]No [30]No [30]Individual and SystemsIncluded [31, 32]: Describes the innovation and outcomes of the innovation [30, 34]; Components of the larger systems-level work;
[33] Formative work
N/A [31]N/A [31]
Yes [32]Yes [32]
N/A [33]N/A [33]
No [34]No [34]
University of Pennsylvania Perelman Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry [2, 35, 36]Yes [2]No [2]Individual [2]Included
No [35]N/A [35]Systems [35]
N/A [36]N/A [36]Systems [36]
University of Pittsburg School of Medicine [37]NoNoIndividualIncluded
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, School of Nursing [38]NoNoIndividualIncluded
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine [39]NoNoIndividualIncluded
Wegman’s School of Pharmacy, Rochester, New York [40]NoNoIndividualIncluded
Wesleyan University [41]NoYesIndividualIncluded
Yale University School of Medicine [42]N/AN/ASystemsExcluded: Not a study