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Table 4 Pairwise comparison of synchronous versus asynchronous groups on TGEI scores

From: Should the PBL tutor be present? A cross-sectional study of group effectiveness in synchronous and asynchronous settings

 Synchronous groups (A) and (B)
Median (Q1-Q3), n = 153
Asynchronous groups (C)
Median (Q1-Q3), n = 68
Cognitive aspects23 (21–25)22 (20–23.8)0.002
Motivational aspects27 (24–30)25 (22–27)0.001
Demotivational aspects10 (7–13)9 (7–13)n.s.
Overall rating of group productivity4 (4–5)4 (3–4)0.001
  1. aMann-Whitney U