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Table 2 Factor analysis of the Academic Motivation Scale at the faculties of medicine of USJ and USEK

From: Lebanese students’ motivation in medical school: does it change throughout the years? A cross-sectional study

Factor 1Item numberLoading on factor
Why do you go to medical school?
 For the pleasure that I experience when I discover the theories of famous researchers.111.044
 For the pleasure that I experience when I feel completely absorbed by medical studies and sciences.181.035
 For the pleasure I experience while surpassing myself in my medical studies.6.942
 For the pleasure that I experience in broadening my knowledge about subjects which appeal to me.16.911
 For the pleasure I experience when I discover new things in medicine that I have never seen before.9.908
 For the pleasure that I experience while I am surpassing myself in one of my personal accomplishments.13.881
 Because I experience pleasure and satisfaction while learning new things related to the medical field.2.872
 For the “high” feeling that I experience while learning about breakthroughs in the medical field.25.858
 Because my medical studies allow me to continue to learn about many things that interest me.23.858
 For the intense feelings I experience when I am communicating my own ideas to others about a medical subject.4.783
 Because I think that a college education will help me better prepare for the career I have chosen.3.766
 For the satisfaction I feel when I am in the process of accomplishing difficult academic activities.20.749
 Because medical school allows me to experience a personal satisfaction in my quest for excellence in my studies.27.683
 Because eventually it will enable me to enter the job market in a field that I like.10.664
 Because this will help me make a better choice regarding my career orientation.17.529
 Because I believe that a few additional years of medical education will improve my competence as a worker.24.489
Factor 2
 In order to have a better salary later on.22.932
 Because I want to have “the good life” later on.15.903
 In order to obtain a more prestigious job later on.8.862
 Because with only a high-school degree I would not find a high-paying job later on.1.724
 To show myself that I am an intelligent person.21.683
 Because I want to show myself that I can succeed in my medical studies.28.680
 Because of the fact that when I succeed in medical school I feel important.14.546
Factor 3
 I don’t know; I can’t understand what I am
doing in medical school.
 Honestly, I don’t know; I really feel that I am wasting my time in medical school.5.913
 I can’t see why I go to medical school and frankly, I couldn’t care less.19.839
 I once had good reasons for going to medical school; however, now I wonder whether I should continue.12.792