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Table 5 Pre-post course change in attitudes, Likert-style responses (n = 37 matched pairs)

From: Attitude change and increased confidence with management of chronic breathlessness following a health professional training workshop: a survey evaluation

n = 37
n = 37
Pre-post change
strongly agree %somewhat agree %strongly agree %somewhat agree %Wilcoxon signed rank test z statistic, p value, effect size
Person’s experience of CB should be used to guide treatment decisions independent of objective measures43.229.773.027.03.74, < 0.001, 0.6
People with CB are able to rate their own breathlessness intensity on a scale 0–1010.848.621.659.52.95, 0.003, 0.5
People who experience CB would like to be asked about this symptom45.948.673.027.02.68, 0.007, 0.4
Serial measurements would be useful35.145.943.256.81.98, 0.05, 0.3
Breathlessness assessment by a scale should be part of ‘vital signs’45.943., 0.05, 0.3
Judicious use of opioids can provide relief of CB21.637.827.054.11.65, 0.1, 0.3
Concern for respiratory depression limits use of opioids21.651.421.664.90.96, 0.34, 0.2
Relief of CB is a central goal of management51.443.264.927.00.89, 0.37, 0.1
CB is one of the main symptoms that cause patients to seek medical care.67.624.367.624.30.0, 1, 0
  1. CB chronic breathlessness; Bold text indicates significant pre-post change in Wilcoxon signed rank test, p < 0.05