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Table 1 Objectives of the workshop

From: Attitude change and increased confidence with management of chronic breathlessness following a health professional training workshop: a survey evaluation

After completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
1.Describe current biopsychosocial concepts underpinning the experience of chronic breathlessness.
2.Undertake a person-centred assessment of the breathlessness experience and symptom needs of a person living with or caring for a person living with this symptom.
3.Explain chronic breathlessness to a person living with or caring for a person living this symptom using jargon and value - free language.
4.Describe and critique a range of instruments appropriate for assessment and monitoring chronic breathlessness.
5.Describe clinical models to inform assessment and choice of management strategies.
6.Demonstrate practical, evidence-based non-pharmacological management strategies for chronic breathlessness.
7.Reflect upon own beliefs and expectations of chronic breathlessness and how these may contribute to the client experience and management.
8.Identify resources for understanding and managing chronic breathlessness.