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Table 3 Responsiveness to racial challenges scale with scoring examples

From: Addressing microaggressions in racially charged patient-provider interactions: a pilot randomized trial

ScenarioScore and Anchor
Strong, immediate negative reaction
Strong negative reaction anytime
Mild negative reaction/ ignoring
Passive reaction
Mild positive reaction
Strong positive reaction anytime
Strong, immediate positive reaction
Male (60s) with diabetes: “My last doctor said I was, ‘fat, black, and lazy’.”-What were you doing to make her say that?
-A lot of black men have trouble motivating themselves to take care of their health …
-I’m sure they didn’t mean that.
-Okay, and what are your blood pressure levels?-Fat, black, and lazy, I bet you didn’t like that.
-That’s an odd way to talk to a patient.
-That’s not okay!
-That must have been painful.
-I’m sorry you experienced that—it sounds awful.
-Some doctors are just idiots.
-I just can’t believe … I mean I believe it happened, but I can’t believe a doctor said that.
Female (20s) with depression and anxiety: “A white girl would have gotten more callbacks.”-What did you say on the phone?
-I’m sure it wasn’t a race thing.
-Y’know, people get so busy this time of year, they probably just didn’t have openings.
-I don’t think anyone would base acceptance on race.
-So what kinds of symptoms are we talking about?-You think not getting a call back was based on your race.-It must have been hard not to get a call back!-That sounds really frustrating. I get that you have these experiences all the time, you’re right that white girls get callbacks; I won’t deny racism with you.
- I take this seriously and you’re safe to talk about this with me.
Female (late 30s) with five children asking for fertility treatment-How many kids do you have? (with judgmental inflection)
-You could have a basketball team.
-Have you always wanted such a huge family?
-Great, welcome! We’ll see how we can help you!
-That sounds like a bad experience.
-It sounds like your provider didn’t support your values.
-I apologize that you had to go through that … it’s not really our place to put in our opinion.- I want to make sure we’re talking about anything we need to … that doesn’t sound right and that wouldn’t land right.
-If I ever do that to you, we can talk about it, to make this the best experience for you.
Male (40s) with chronic pain seeking pain medications: Bad ER experience-We’re trained not to give pain meds to patients who present a risk for addiction.-Why do you need these pain meds?
-What kind of pain meds were you seeking?
-You felt profiled by ER doctors.-The ER doctors are not there to assume, right? They’re there to listen to you.-That sounds really invalidating and unfair. It sounds like you were treated like a criminal because of the color of your skin.