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Table 6 Correlations between EPA of 360-degree assessment (ÄKHOM) and GAP

From: Validation of a competence-based assessment of medical students’ performance in the physician’s role

 Facets of competence (GAP)
Emergency treatment of acute cardiac insufficiency.
Handling a patient’s complaint.094.460.070.582.213.091
Pre-operative information and consent.088.490.425<.001.343.006
Breaking bad news.
Clinical decision making on acute infection-.058.649.
Solving a management problem-.007.956.164.195.316.011
Acting on suspicion of self-indicated illness.032.799.
Treatment of a critically ill patient-.
Interaction with a consultant.108.395.550.042.198.116
Presentation of an oncology patient at a tumour board.145.254.309.013.326.009
Medication error.043.737.113.373.172.175
Acting on patient’s will.045.724.229.069.309.013
  1. bold = significant differences